Carrying a puffy bag in front of your body may seem very awkward for so many. Everyone wants to lose the tummy fat, you may have tried some methods by going to the gym in order to lose tummy fat. The gym is mainly focused on muscle, you break the muscle tissue and recover them in order to grow your muscle but losing fat is entirely a different process. Going to the gym might be some what helpful to lose fat, but it’s not that great method to lose fat.

So, now the question is what is the perfect method to lose fat, mainly belly fat?

We found Most Powerful Method to lose fat, which is mainly targeting the tummy fat. Following this method perfectly gives you a lean tummy which you always dream for. So here we go.

1. Drink Warm Water Every Morning

Start drinking warm water every day in the early morning. Never skip your day without drinking warm water in order to lose your tummy fat. Add lemon and honey to warm water, this is the most powerful technique to lose tummy fat (belly fat).

Lemon and honey are the fat cutters when they are mixed with warm water, the impact will be very good in cutting the tummy fat.

If you’re regular at this method you can see tremendous results in very few weeks.

2. Eat Fish Twice A Week 

Fish has Omega 3 fatty acids which are incredibly healthy. Studies (01,02) show that Omega 3 fatty acids help in protection from diseases and also helps in reduction of visceral fat. Considering fish every week helps in reduction of unwanted fats from the body.

Studies (03,04,05) also show that by considering fish oil supplements every day has a major impact on fatty liver disease reduction and abdominal fat reduction.

3. Start Health Lifestyle

Stop being a lazy and drowsy person, wake up your mind and be an active person. Be more conscious about what you’re eating and stop eating fast food, junk food, deep oil fried food.

If you target to healthy belly and lose tummy fat, then you should probably sacrifice the junk food you have no excuse here.

For more faster results, incorporate high fibre food like oats, dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grain foods, legumes such as peas and soybeans.

4. Avoid Sugar Contained Foods

The more sugar equals to the more fat, as simple as that. Controlling the sugar levels controls the fats storage. Even though you have to maintain healthy sugar intake from fruits naturally. Limit healthy sugar from fruits and totally avoid refined sugar products.

5. Increase Protein Intake

By considering protein foods into the diet helps a lot in replacement the fat with protein. foods like chicken eggs, beans, almond, oats, chicken, beef make your body muscle growth with the reduction of fat storage.

Protein is extremely high weight controlling. It increases the release of fullness hormone PPY, which decreases appetite and promotes fullness. It also increases the metabolic rate and helps in retain muscle mass during the weight loss. (06,07,08)

6. Try To Limit Carbs and Totaly Avoid Refined Carbs

Limiting(reduces) the carbs intake reduces the fat in the body, including abdomen fat. You don’t have to be much particularly strict on low carb diet. But the main thing to remember is to replace your refined carbs with the unprocessed carbs that may increase the metabolic rate and reduces the tummy fat (09,10).

7. Drink Green Tea Every Day

Green tea is like a work machine to your belly fat. You will tremendously be surprised by seeing the results which come from green tea. It is not only targeting the tummy fat but also has various health benefits.

It might not be so tasty to drink but it has so many health benefits including in fat cutting. So, consider drinking the green tea every day in order to lose tummy fat. Never skip a day without green tea, make it as a part of the day, so you can see the results faster.

8. Limit Drinking Alcohol

Avoiding the alcohol may reduce the waist size. Alcohol can be helpful to some extent of your health but it is very dangerous when you consume too much.

Too much of alcohol may cause you tummy fat. You can enjoy drinking it occasionally its fine, but crossing the limits is the main problem that which pushes your belly forwards and causes the belly fat. So, you better be aware of it.

9. Get Sound Sleep

Sufficient sleep helps to function your body perfectly. It has many effective health benefits, including your weight. In the studies show that people who don’t get sufficient sleep are more tend to gain more unhealthy weight which includes tummy fat (11,12).

Long term studies(13) show that more than 68,000 women found that sleeping 5 hours per night were more tend to gain weight then who slept 7 hours or more a day.

If you find that you are suffering sleepless nights or having sleep disorders, go and consult the doctor and get treated.

10. Start Running Every day

Run Run Run.. Make running a daily habit, remember the more sweat you release from your body the more fat you’re burning and you will be closer to the results(lean tummy).


Are you still here?

Go! Move your ass from the chair, shut the computer. Go for a quick run, start implementing these methods. Just Move On with your Body GOALS.

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