Seated Bicep Curl

There are two heads to the biceps, short head and the long head. The short head will give you the width of the bicep and the long head will give you the bulge or the peak of the biceps. Seated dumbbell curls which mainly focuses on the long head of the biceps.

Keep in mind that the position of your arms which are relative to your body effects which head of the muscle you’re targeting.

Sit in an up right position and hold the two dumbells in each of the hands, Your arms should hang down to the body. Lift the weights up to the positive position with breathing out and then return back to the negative position with breathing in.

Mind your wrist motion while lifting the dumbells up and down, Lift your dumbbells up slight just above the 90 degrees angle.

If you can’t control the weight, drop down some weight and focus on the form, not just lifting heavy weight.

Common Mistakes:

  • Not keeping the back straight and stiff.
  • Not concentrating on the twist of the wrist motion.
  • Swinging the dumbells.

Recommended sets and reputations.

Beginners          – 4 to 6 repetitions * 3 sets

Intermediate     – 6 to 9 repetitions * 3 sets

Advance           – 9 to 12 repetitions * 3 sets


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