EZ Barbell Curl

Starting with EZ Barbell Curls is the best way to hit your biceps. First thing is to make sure that, there is comfortable space in between your legs to stand in order to support your body with a correct balanced position with weights.

Hold the EZ Barbell in your hand with a medium space between your hands. Make sure your arms are nice and loose, not locked out. What I mean by locked out is that you should never lock your elbows because that could damage the joints. You should always keep the soft elbow, slightly bent not matter what, through the entire rep and the entire set.

So, during this exercise, the hard part or positive part is when you squeeze the barbell up and the negative part is back to the normal position. Squeeze up to the positive and come back to the negative.

I guess you would know that lot of guys having a bad habit of throwing the bar up to the chest and letting the bar drop, that results in nothing for themselves. Don’t waste your time doing that.

So, the more concentration on the biceps the better and faster the results. Always breathe out when you are working on the hard part when you’re working against the gravity. So, remember to squeeze up the bar to positive with exhaling and back to the normal position with the inhale.

Common Mistakes: 

  • Rising up the bar to the chest level. (Rise slightly above 90 degrees)
  • Locking the joints.
  • Not concentrating on the breathing and the muscle.

Recommended sets and reputations.

Beginners          – 4 to 6 repetitions * 3 sets

Intermediate     – 6 to 9 repetitions * 3 sets

Advance           – 9 to 12 repetitions * 3 sets


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