Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Concentration curls are the exercise for the bicep. it can be done in two different ways. One is by sitting on a bench and other is by bending your body forward. The most and the best-preferred method is sited concentration curls.

First thing is to place your self comfortably on a bench by sitting. You are going to do this exercise only with one arm at a time. So take your dumbell in your right arm and bend your back little bit forward, place your dumbell down by keeping your elbow to your right thigh. Your elbow should not move away from your thigh while performing this exercise and same vice versa the left hand too.

Your abdomen should be kept tight and now lift your dumbell by squeezing your bicep and move it back to the normal position to the bottom. Don’t just swing the dumbell and concentrate on your muscle.

Common Mistakes:

  • Not keeping your abdomen tight, that may cause the joint problem in your low back.
  • Bending your body too low, no impact on the muscle.
  • Bench height too low, no impact on the muscle. (Bench height should be equal to or high than your knees)

Recommended sets and reputations.

Beginners          – 4 to 6 repetitions * 3 sets

Intermediate     – 6 to 9 repetitions * 3 sets

Advance           – 9 to 12 repetitions * 3 sets


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